Eli by Jamez Eli Unisex Fragrance

They say a scent is the most powerful form of a memory. I wanted to create a scent that didn’t smell like anything I’ve ever smelled before. This formula took me a little over a year to create because I didn’t want it to just be a smell . I wanted to bottle a journey filled with memories, and I did just that. This Unisex Fragrance was created to adjust accordingly to each individual’s natural body chemistry to create a one of a kind scent [ strong memory ] for whoever is wearing it. Eli is a perfect blend of masculine and feminine with notes of bourbon, leather, rose, teak, forget me nots, cedar wood, clean linen, and of course a secret ingredient. Eli by Jamez Eli will for sure be your new signature scent. Who doesn’t want to smell like their happiest memory? Let me know what scent your chemistry creates by using #elibyjamezelifragrance it is of course like all of my couture collections LIMITED EDITION, and can only be purchased on jamezeli.com retail or price $80